Friday, 23 March 2012

Top 10 ideas to stay focused and motivated to your goal.

It’s a beautiful sunny day and children are playing near the beach. All the people near you are happy and cheering each other up, getting a good time out of their life. But you do not feel good and feel mentally stressed. You do not have the happiness inside you. Yet you are trying to make yourself normal according to the circumstances, but for one reason or the other, cannot make it up. This is because you are depressed about something bad happening in your life and wants to overcome it, but you are not finding out the right path to that. Let me help you out by giving you the right tips to overcome depression and failure in life and start thinking different for getting the success, what you desire for.

  1. Have a well defined set of goals: If you know what you are trying to achieve and how much effort you have to put in it, you are always half the way through. To make it more simple, take a notebook or a paper and write down your goal over a time limit, keep it near you so that you can see that everyday. Try to make it up in time, and you will find you have done better by the easy goal setting technique.
  2. Dividing work into short schedules: Whenever you are stressed because of your work, make some changes to your work schedule. Divide it into short chunks and with temporary time limits. That can help you estimate your goals in a time period and so you can focus more on your work.
  3. Try to have the right attitude: An optimistic attitude is the most important factor in staying focused to your goals. Do not hear what others say. Do what you feel and what you think will help in achieving your goals. And when you do achieve, the critics will be the first to praise you. So, hear yourself and carry on.
  4. Ask yourself, what motivates me?: There are millions of people in this world who find motivation in different objects and different types of work. Some find motivation in motivational stories and some find motivation in doing some type of work. Ask yourself, what motivates me? The answer you get, do that and you will be more focused and near to your goals.
  5. Reward yourself whenever you succeed:  Whenever you do some type of progressive action, or achieve something award yourself. It may be a small gift or a pen, whatever it be. But that is priceless in terms of going a step front to achieve your priceless goal.
  6. Give some time to relaxation: Rigorous activities to gain a goal may stress a person. The solution to this is to relax a bit and give sometime to your hobbies. That will make you relaxed and start with new fresh plans to achieve goals early.
  7. A never die attitude: One of the factors is failure due to low feelings and embarrassment from others. Remember; never think that you are the underdog. Have a never die attitude whatever the circumstance may be. Just whisper to yourself “I am the best” and see the difference thereon.
  8. Take support when you feel low: Despite the efforts, one can fail at times. This is not a problem, but the fact is as we are humans, and have emotions we feel low at these circumstances. So, the best way to start fresh and keep high goals is to have support from parents and close friends, as they are the only one who can motivate you at those times.
  9. Remain with winners to compete with winners: This is the best sentence for a future winner. Take chances and gain from winners, know the right techniques from them and you will feel that you are starting to be in level with the winners. Because the human brain adapts to competing environments quickly, you will get the edge in the future competitions.
  10. Dreams come true: Last but not the least, always believe in your dreams and remember that you can. Dreams do come true with hardwork and high self confidence. It is not mandatory that always toppers will succeed; it may be possible that back benchers succeed more in life, because its life and everything is possible.

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