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Best 25 proven ways on how to get natural fair skin by home remedies.

Women have always dreamt of a fair natural complexion and making people look at her at least once when she dashes through the crowd. But only few have the blessings of a fair and beautiful skin. Women around the globe have skin color according to the local environmental conditions, where sunnier places create a darker skin and cooler regions have relatively fair skin. It is because of the melanin pigment concentration in the skin which makes all the variation. But despite of the facts, how to get fair natural skin is the most sought question in every region of this world. You do not have to go to costly parlours and opt for costly creams to get a fair complexion. There are some effective techniques for fair natural skin just by home remedies. And by home remedies it is to be noted that, those things are easily available at home, which is the main advantage and affordable too. 

Remember before going through these best tips to getting fair skin naturally, one must have sun mask everytime they go out in the sun. That helps in preventing the efforts go in vain. So here are the top 25 proven fairness tips and tricks you are really looking for:

  1. Water is a body neutralizer and best for every health development process. Drink atleast 10 glasses of water everyday for removing undereye darkcircles. This automatically helps in bringing back the glow.
  2. Cucumber is a great source of refreshing compounds. So, it helps in making the skin tone lighter. Grate the cucumber and mesh it up. Take ½ to 2 teaspoon and apply it on the face. Wait for some time and wash it up. It is a proven way for getting fair complexion.
  3. Use sandalwood oil for removing pimples and eliminate uneven puffed up skin spots. Add some sandalwood oil to cleansers and toners to get serious results.
  4. Lemon is proved to be an excellent bleaching agent. Cut some lemon pieces and rub it against the face. It helps in getting rid of the spots and facial wear outs.
  5. Lemon and honey is a good mixture for a guide to natural fair skin. Gently apply it on the whole face and leave for some twenty minutes. Then wash it off.
  6. Almond is a great skin fairness compound. Grate it and use the paste on the skin. See the results.
  7. Apply a paste of gram flour, 2-3 drops of lemon juice and one or two teaspoons of milk on the face and neck. Keep it for sometime, approximately 15 minutes and wash it off. Repeat every week.
  8. Mint is a good fairness developer. Mix some mint leaves with water by grinding it. Use the paste on neck and facial skin. Repeat if desired.
  9. Make a good paste of turmeric powder and lemon juice, cool it for some time and apply to your face. Wash it off after some time.
  10. For fair complexion increase, use curd as it is proved to be a skin softener and complexion grower. It contains zinc and lactic acid useful for lighter skin.
  11. Coconut water with some milk can be applied to the skin to get a scarless face. Repeat everyday to get best fairness results.
  12. Egg white is used to make oily skin fair. Use it twice a week for better results.
  13. Mix some raw milk with a pinch of saffron. Use the solution on your face by the help of a cotton pad. This helps in skin fairness increase.
  14. Mix curd, oatmeal and tomato to get a fair complexion.
  15. Take some basil leaves (tulsi) and smash it to get the desired juice out of the leaves. Mix it with some lime juice and apply it for 15 minutes daily. You will see the results in two weeks time.
  16. Use cucumber juice mixed with honey to get rid of dry skin but with fairer complexion.
  17. Mix honey, yogurt, milk and ground seesame seeds and apply on the skin to get good results.
  18. Multani mitti (Fuller’s earth) is a great solution to fair complexion. Mix it with rose water and apply daily to get fair complexion.
  19. Papaya and watermelon mixed in equal amount serves as a facepack and gets rid of dark oily skin.
  20. Pour some sugar over lemon and scrub it gently on your face till the sugar granules start to melt. Apply throughout the body if desired. It helps in making the skin softer and fairer. Do not use if pimples or acne are there, as it can burst them up.
  21. Rosewater application on the skin daily makes the skin look soft and helps in disappear wrinkles.
  22. Boiled radish water is good for skin and apply the water on the face after an evening stroll out. It makes the skin look fresh and fairer.
  23. Rip off the pineapple juice and apply it gently on the skin by cotton. Wash it after sometime to get good results.
  24. Orange peels are proven to increase skin tone. Grind it and mix with honey or curd and apply on the face for proven results.
  25. Boiled cumin seeds water face wash helps in getting fair face and helps in prevent dark spots.
 If one goes through these pretty easy guidelines to natural fair skin, it is assured the results will be just unbelievable. Always take a sun block cream face pack when going out in the sun, and do not forget to take sunglasses with you as those simple things effect the eye darkcircles rate. Also proper exercise and green vegetables help in the cause of getting fair complexion.


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