Friday, 23 March 2012

College dropout billionaires: the motivation to succeed in life.

You have heard about Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft and about Mark Zuckerberg the founder of Facebook. But you may not know that they were college dropouts and today they are one of the richest persons of the world. The total turnover income of college dropout billionaires is more than any bachelor or post graduate holder billionaire, worth over $246 billion. Gosh, that’s a huge figure, even to dream about. But what I want to say is that these figures say an inner message that whispers to the world, you do not have to be a top notch educated masterpiece to succeed in life. Your confidence and experience will make the world know that you are the best.

Here are some of the world’s top billionaires who are college graduates who went on to create history.

Name of college dropout billionaires

Henry Ford
Bill Gates
Larry Ellison
Marck Zukerberg
Larry Page
Michael Dell
Steve Jobs

More are there, but to keep things simple, I have only included some. These college dropouts were born to be innovators but have also got many failures in life. Life taught the mystery to live and get to their goals. The fact is, any person in this world can achieve dreams, and the only thing is to have self confidence and the courage to explore all opportunities.

Take for example Michael Dell, the founder of Dell computers.  In his early days, he started a PC company named PCs Limited while attending the University of Texas. It went to become so much successful that he eventually dropped out and got in the business full time which made him a billionaire and earned fame which he could not have ever expected. He went to grant $50 million to his beloved university which he dropped for his business.

Small things go on to be bigger in life. The main thing is you have to know their value in the pre-stages. Such is the glory of life and success is revolving around it as a key to the mystery. The people who can unlock the mystery become successful and go on to achieve everything. It is not a word to say, but the real baseline to motivation leading to success. These billionaires were normal people like you until they found the hidden capability inside them. So, know yourself and rule the world, that is the key to success.

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