Friday, 6 April 2012

Graveyard of Love: Respect Love not neglect it

“Love is universal and immortal. Love is something which cannot be created but felt through the arteries of heart. The one who gets it can feel the divine creation with the eyes of humanity.”

These lines are the feelings of every lover in this world. And it is indeed real to the bottom of their heart. But there is the other side of the coin where love turns away from an honest relationship. Love fails not because love is weak but due to the characters in the play who do not play the game well enough. And let me say it is not a game, but a game of life. The title of the article, “Graveyard of Love” is the real deal and hence depicts what is the article all about.

Just thinking of how easy it is to ditch in love, many people do not come close to the name love. They think it is a game of feelings where a person can be hurt and that can never make up a healthy relationship.
But just think if you have been ditched by someone, what the factors that made the relationship break were. And who is supposed to be blamed for, yourself or your ex-partner? That if studied properly, can make up the gap in your next relationship and you will never fail in love.

The first factor that creates gaps in long term relationships is the anxiety in human behavior. A person generally likes to compare their partners with others in terms of the good human qualities and also the so called showoff buzz others possess. This brings out a relative effect of negligence in their relationship, resulting in not giving time and value to the relationship. This happens quite often with the new generation. It has been seen that this type of circumstances prevail in love triangles and in times of infatuation.

The second factor is the lust of money, sex and ego. These three factors have always been one of the great concerns in dropping relationships midway. Long term relationships do break because of mistrust in one another. Because often people start thinking that is the person who I am attached to loves me just because of the possessions I have or is it because of sex and lust. These things do creep up, and when they do - relationships are on the verge of breaking up, unless both sides settle things maturely.

Last but not the least social issues like dowry and rape do make relationships worse, though they are some kind of forced relationships. But whatever be the reason the relation becomes a Graveyard of Love and a silent death to the divine feeling. To overcome it, a relation should possess trust, respect and deep inner feeling for the opposite sex. And the people in love do succeed, just not because they have those characteristics, but they know each other very well and are committed for a lifetime to each other, with the feeling of no cheating or ditching a relationship.

Love is about giving a relationship its name, and not erasing the memories. Think once more before ditching someone, as it can be the greatest mistake of your life, who knows……you will ever get someone like that person ever again, so caring, pampering and committed to you, loving you with all the heart of the possession……….

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