Friday, 23 March 2012

First love: can it be forgotten?

This question is truly a difficult one to answer with 100% accuracy and that too without being diplomatic. This is because no one wants to get a glimpse of their paste again in their future. Or it can be the other way around, the person wanting to get back in the past relation. Whatever be the reason the truth is first love can never be forgotten entirely. Though I have heard people say they have moved on and got a better partner than the first one, but truly saying looking at their eyes, deeply somewhere down the heart the story is not the same as it looks from outside. Yes this is true that people can have a bad experience or good one in the past, but first love has been always considered a special experience. Lets get into why actually first love remains immortal throughout one’s life.

I will try to explain the fact with a simple example. Rather a real experience of mine. I have a friend who has been known to me since my school times. And still he is one of my good friends. At school time he loved one of our classmates but he was too shy to express his feelings. No need to say that, that was his first love. And to sprinkle salt to the injury, the girl loved our class topper. And our class topper had a good pastime with that girl. But after all these facts, my so called lover friend went on to have deep feelings for her.
I thought that was simply infatuation and will fade out with time. But today I feel I was wrong. Today I and he are employed, but he still loves that girl knowing the fact that the girl is in another state and is going to marry another well employed man. He even tells me that one day he proposed his dream girl through phone but she rejected. But I was amazed to hear from him that if the girl comes to him after all these things, he will marry her. I was speechless at that moment.

Whatever be the reason, be it a one-sided love or both-sided love, first love always keeps on making an impression in one’s lifetime. People do make wrong moves in a lifetime and say that their first love has not been successful and there are others who have successfully gone on to live with their first love forever. For some, first love was a bad time which passed away for good and for some, it has been an heavenly experience. By these words I mean to say that first love may not be successful in one’s life, but it has always been and will always be in the corner of a lover’s heart.

If you are of the opinion that love is life and it should not be played with, then it is not a good option to play with someone’s heart. Suicides and mental stress are common problems the young generation face and that has been the headache of the parents. If you love someone, love him or her from heart and not from outer appearance. Looks may fade but the support and love will never fade away. First love will go immortal if the one you love is given full support by you and if it is implemented both ways, I do think that this world will be a much better place to live in.

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