Friday, 23 March 2012

Best successful online dating tips: beginning of a successful relationship.

The young generation has gone in deep to the social networking in the recent couple of years. And that makes a sense of what the generation wants. Making it simple, online dating is the most successful fact that is oozing its way in young hearts. But have you failed in making a successful online dating and ended up distressed and out of ideas? Have you tried everything to impress the opposite sex online or achieving the perfect date online, but still have no clues why you fail everytime in your mission? Let me give you some most successful tips on your mission to date online, probably in this year. Lets name it search for love 2012 mission.

Username matters a lot: When registering for a social networking site, never give boring names like “Iamsick” or “3idiots”, register with a name that attracts the opposite sex, like give a name “Barbiedoll” if you are cute and jolly. If you are frank to your friends and center of their discussion, give a name like, “Friendofrank”. That makes a lot of sense and will help you making lot of friends, the first step to what we call dating.

Profile picture: If you keep the same profile picture for ages, then no one will be interested to visit your profile. Rather they will go for other more interesting people. So, to make your profile look fresh and keeping interested, I advise you to change your profile picture after a week or two. That makes people come back to your profile as they sense your pic change and as human instincts are concerned, they are excited about any new thing.

What pictures to add in online sites: You will be guessing, it will be good if I take my own picture and post it, or what about a picture with my ex boyfriend. Never make these type of decisions. That will do nothing better but ruin your impression to your online date. Post pictures of yours in which you look good and matches with your normal character. If you are funky and fun loving, post pictures with your friends, and if you are open minded, take some pictures of yours where you look good but make it take by others, as closeup photos do not look so good.

Online dating and chatting: When you are to date someone online, chatting is the first part to success. So, when you start doing that never open up all your secrets at once to the opposite sex. Try to know what your date likes and what not, according to that start chatting. Automatically both of you will start knowing each other and free up minds, so there will be no hesitation while chatting.

Do not interact with too many people at once: If you are looking for a long term relationship, and not just flirt away with everyone online, do not interact with all of your online friends. Rather focus on the people whom you like to test whether they are fit for you or not. As making them wait for an answer from your side makes the m think of you as a flirt or better say not so serious in love.

Emails and online messages to date partner: It is always a good practice to write short and focus on the main subject on what you are writing. As for messages and emails to your partner, the same thing goes. No one wants to read a two page writeup, and will make them feel bored. Try to be funky and show your emotions as much as you can in your short writeup. That helps a lot.

Know your partner before you go out dating: What if you go too far in your relationship with your online partner and cannot come back, but you feel that is not the right person for you? SO, it is advised not to go for a real dating till you get convinced about your partner and how well he/she matches to your likings. Chat or talk with your partner over phone, and try to know him/her well. If you do not feel the attachment, tell what you feel about the relationship. As the saying, prevention is better than cure.

Do write your profile description wisely: If you are saying to the world that I am this and I am that, I have achieved this and I am the best, you are going the wrong way. It makes the people visiting your profile feel that you are too over smart and would tend to go away. Better write things which forecast that you are really who you are. Write about what you like and what friendship means to you. What you feel about love and what instances in life make you happy. But do not reveal all your dictionary, few sentences and great ideas, which makes your profile description perfect.

Don’t be over-reactive to circumstances: There can be instances where your online partner may not be available or gone for some break, or not replying to your messages. Do not react irrational in these circumstances, rather keep your cool and wait for the answer. It will always be worth it, as the other person might also be concerned about what you are feeling about him/her. Its worth a wait.

Failures are there but success will come: As we are human, and inspite of our efforts we may fail sometimes in our goal. But that does not mean to get out of the way and not try to reach the goal. Inspite of the efforts, if your partner is not so much interested in the relationship, let them go. Do not make a fuss about it. Try to search for a person who is more like you and do not make yourself as the person whom you are going to date.

So, these are the steps to your online ladder for achieving a perfect date online. If you want to start the relationship a new way, always feel positive and do not lose hope. And keep an eye on these ideas, and I guarantee you will have a perfect date. Nevertheless, mission to the journey for love 2012 has just begun and you have a long way to go. Best of luck and keep smiling.


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